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Meaning and etymology of the name Sheba

Sheba ShebaM, Sheba

There are two completely different names in the Bible that both transliterate into English as Sheba: the names Sheba and Sheba. Something similar happens with the names Etzer (Ezer I) and Ezer (Ezer II), or Noah (Noah I) and Noah (Noah II).

Sheba (I) Sheba

The first Sheba-with-aleph mentioned in the Bible is a son of Raamah, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah (Genesis 10:7). Another Sheba is a son of Joktan, who is the brother of Peleg (Genesis 10:28). Thirdly there is a son of Jokshan, son of Abraham with Keturah. Sheba is also a region or nation of which the queen journeyed to Solomon (1 Kings 10:1; Matthew 12:42)

This name Sheba is according to Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names comparable with an Ethiopian word meaning `man'. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Man. BDB Theological Dictionary sees relations with a verb that means to make campaign or expedition, but lists Seba (saba), meaning to imbibe (see Seba). The name may even have to do with shaba (shaba) to take captive.
Sheba is used in the Aramaic Talmud to mean splinter, a possible derivative (says BDB Theological Dictionary) from the unused shbb (shbb I & II), which yields shebabim (shebabim from root I), splinters, and shabib (shabib from root II), flame.

Sheba (II) Sheba (Joshua 19:2)
The name Sheba-with-ayin is ascribed to a town in Simeon (Joshua 19:2); a Benjaminite (2 Samuel 20:1); and a Gadite (1 Chronicles 5:13).

This name Sheba is identical to the words Sheba (sheba (2318), meaning seven and Sheba (shaba), meaning to swear (an oath). It is this shaba which is featured in the names Related names are Ashbea, Bathsheba, Beersheba, Elisheba, Elizabeth, Jehosheba, and possibly Barsabbas. For a look at the differences between the meanings of seven and oath, see the related name Elizabeth.



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