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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Eleazar

Eleazar Eleazar

The name Eleazar is highly similar to the name Eliezer (Eliezer) and occurs eight times in the Bible. The two best known Eleazars are the son of Aaron, the father of Phineheas (Exodus 6:23), and the son of Abinadab, in whose care the men of Kiriath-jearim place the ark (1 Samuel 7:1). The man who famously dies after touching the ark in an attempt to keep it from falling, is Uzzah, the brother of Eleazar.

Other Eleazars are: A grandson of Merari (1 Chronicles 23:22); One of the most prominent of David's Mighty Men (2 Samuel 23:9); A priest (Ezra 8:33); One among those who divorced their foreign wives during the purge of Ezra (Ezra 10:25); A priest present at the dedication of the Jerusalem wall (Nehemiah 12:42); The Matthean great-grandfather of Joseph, the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus (Matthew 1:15);

The name Eleazar is a compound of two elements. The first part is the word el (El), the common abbreviation of Elohim. The second part comes from the verb azar (azar) meaning help, support. This verb is quite common and used in all expected ways. Most notable is its usage in describing the function of Eve to Adam, 'It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make him a helper suitable for him' (Genesis 2:18).

The meaning of the name Eleazar is God Has Helped (NOBS Study Bible Name List) or Whom God Helps (Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names).

Other names derived of the verb azar are Abiezer, Ahiezer, Azarel, Azariah, Azriel, Azrikam, Azzur, Eliezer, Ezer, Ezra(h), Ezri, Iezer, Jazer and Romamti-ezer.



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