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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Eliab

Eliab Eliab

The name Eliab is assigned six times in the Bible. Most famous is Eliab the first born son of Jesse, the father of David (1 Samuel 16:6).
Other Eliabs are: a chief of Zebulun (Numbers 7:24); a Reubenite, whose sons Abiram and Dathan die during the insurrection of Korah (Numbers 16:1); a Levite from the Kohath family (1 Chronicles 6:27); a Gadite counted among David's Mighty Men (1 Chronicles 12:9); and a Levite musician (1 Chronicles 15:20).

The name Eliab consists of two elements. The first part is the word el (El)El, the common abbreviation of Elohim, the genus God.
The second part is the common Hebrew word ab (ab), basically meaning father (see Abba), but with applications beyond the contemporary use of father. Many times `ab is used as counselor or judge (Genesis 45:8; 2 Kings 2:12). The yod may serve in this name to make the word El possessive: my God.

The name Eliab means God Is Father (NOBS Study Bible Name List and BDB Theological Dictionary), or My God Is Father (Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names).



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