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Meaning and etymology of the name Ramah

Ramah Ramah

There are four of five towns named Ramah in the Bible. Probably the best known one is the Ramah in the area of Benjamin, close to Bethel, where Deborah's palm is located (Judges 4:5), where the judge Samuel lived and sat (1 Samuel 7:17) and where David fled to (1 Samuel 19:18).

Other towns named Ramah are a town in Asher (Joshua 19:24), a town in Naphtali (Joshua 19:32) and the place where king Joram fought Aram (2 Kings 8:29), also known as Ramoth-gilead (v28).

Ramah meaning

Hence, for a meaning of the name Ramah, Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Lofty Place. Other names derived from rum are Abram, Abiram, Adoniram, Ahiram, Amram, Aram, Armageddon, Armoni, Hadoram, Hiram, Jarmuth, Jehoram, Jeremai, Jeremiah, Jeremoth, Jerimoth, Joram, Paddam-aram, Reumah, Rumah, Ram, Ramath, Ramathite, Ramath-lehi, Ramoth, Ramathaim-zophim and Romamti-ezer.

Neither NOBS Study Bible Name List nor BDB Theological Dictionary translate this name (although BDB confirms that it comes from rum). The reason for their trepidation is perhaps that the name Ramah is spelled strikinly similar to the root group rama (rama I, II and perhaps III):

Ramah meaning

Ramah meaning

Hence, the name Ramah also carried the meanings of Deceit, Established or Loose.



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