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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Adam

Adam Adam

Traditionally, Adam is the first human male (Genesis 2:20), but here at Abarim Publications that tradition is under attack. See the name Eve or the article on The Chaotic Set Theory.

Adam is one of five words that indicate a man (words like dude, guy etc). This particular word indicates man as a being created from material; a corporeal one, as probably opposed to the non-corporeal angelic creatures who were created before Adam and who shouted for joy during the creation of the earth (Job 38:7).

The name Adam is the masculine derivation of the Hebrew root Adam ('dm and 26). The feminine derivation adama (adamah) indicates the ruddy earth found in the Middle East and means acre, ground, land.
The words Adam (adom, adem) indicate the typical red color of that earth.

The name Adam means Earthling, or rather Corporeal One.

Other names from this same stock are Edom, Edom - the nickname of Esau - which also meaning red, ruddy, and Admah.

Other names that have to do with words that mean man are Enosh (Mortal), Gabriel (God's Guy), Methushael (Man Of God) and perhaps Zechariah (YHWH's Male) and Ishi (My Man).

A name that may be a playful reference to the name Adam is Javan, Mud Man.



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