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The name Beth in the Bible

Whether the name Beth is actually a Biblical name is disputed. In our day and age we use the name Beth as truncated form of Elizabeth (meaning either God Is Oath or God Is Seven — please see our article on the name Elizabeth for more info), but in the Bible this doesn't happen.

The prophet Isaiah writes that 'they' have gone up to בית (Beth) and to Dibon (Isaiah 15:2). Jeremiah uses the same name Dibon in Jeremiah 48:18, and again in verse 22, now in conjunction with a town named Beth-diblathaim. Most exegetes translate the בית (Beth) of Isaiah 15:2 with "the temple" but the authors of BDB Theological Dictionary are not so sure, and point at the eminent theologians Ewald, Bredenkamp and Dillmann, who take this occurrence of בית to be a shortened form of Beth-diblathaim. And that makes Beth a (disputed) Biblical name.

Etymology of the name Beth

The name בית (Beth) is identical to the common Hebrew word בית (bayit) meaning house:

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Beth meaning

The name Beth means House or Family.

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