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Meaning and etymology of the Greek name Logos

Logos Logos

Logos is a noun derived of the Greek verb lego (lego), meaning to speak intelligently. It should be distinguished from the verb laleo (laleo), meaning talk, especially without any sense.

The meaning of verb lego underwent an interesting evolution. It originally denoted a laying down to sleep. Then it slowly began to mean to lay together and to collect and finally it came to mean to to lay before or to relate, or simply to say, speak, to deliver a discourse. The noun logos means intelligence, 'word' in the sense of the expression of that intelligence, discourse and even something as undefined as 'thing.' It exists in modern English in words such as psychology and sociology. Together with Theos the phrase 'Word of God' is formed. And that is one of the titles of Jesus Christ.

The Word of God is introduced into the Biblical narrative as early as Genesis 15, where He is called Dabar YHWH, which is Dabar YHWH.

The name Logos means Word.



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