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Quantum Mechanics for Beginners; an Introduction

Quantum Mechanics studies the peculiar world of the "ones"; those things in nature that can not be divided. Since God is a One, and the Body of Christ as well, it shouldn't be surprising that the Bible discusses the "ones" at length, and this a few millennia before the emergence of Quantum Mechanics in the scientific arena. To appreciate this unexpected dimension of the Bible, Abarim Publication 's fun-filled crash course in Quantum Mechanics should be mandatory at every seminary.

 • Quantum Mechanics for Beginners; an Introduction
 • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
 • The Atom
 • Quantum Foam
 • The Standard Model
 • Does the Universe expand?

Chaos Theory for Beginners; an Introduction

Chaos Theory looks at patterns and their reoccurrence in nature. Since Moses built the tabernacle - which would turn into the temple, and later still in the Body of Christ - after patterns he saw in heaven, Chaos Theory is a must for every serious student of the Bible.

 • Chaos Theory for Beginners; an Introduction
 • Self-Similarity
 • Jessica Rabbit Explains
 • There's Something About The Number Sequence
 • Ulam's Rose? Get A Grip!
 • The Fourier Way
 • The Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel
 • Jeremiah's Most Deceitful Thing
 • The Mandelbrot Set
 • The Household Set
 • Agape and Gravity Live Together in Perfect Harmony

Scripture Theory for Beginners; an Introduction

What Chaos Theory does with nature, Scripture Theory does with Scriptures: the identification of reoccurring patterns and their meanings. Especially interesting are those Biblical patterns that are identical to those found in high-energy physics.

 • Scripture Theory for Beginners; an Introduction
 • To Be Is To Do
 • Four Horses
 • The Standard Model
 • Genesis 1
 • The yom problem
 • Genesis 1 survey
 • The Chaotic Set
 • A week of weeks

Bible Commentary

Read our often daring articles on certain challenging Bible verses, including in depth surveys of Hebrew and Greek roots.

 • Bible Commentary - Index
 • Genesis 1:1; In The Beginning
 • Genesis 2:7; The Making of Man
 • Genesis 4:17; Where did Mrs. Cain come from?
 • Exodus 20:3, Deut 5:7, Ps 82:1,6; On Other Gods
 • Deuteronomy 23; The Old Testamentary Latrine
 • 1 Kings 7:23; The Number Pi in the Bible
 • 2 Kings 2:4; "Go up, baldhead!"
 • Psalm 8:5; A Little Lower than God?
 • Psalm 42:7; Deep Cries Out To Deep
 • John 3:16; Monogenes
 • Romans 7; The Skinny on Sin
 • 1 Corinthians 11:14-15, Hair in the Bible
 • 2 Timothy 3:16; All Scripture is God-breathed?
 • Revelation 6:8; A Green Horse

The Biblical Name Vault

Check out the menu to the left and explore our vast collection of articles on the etymology and meaning of Biblical names, or read:

 • All about Biblical names

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